Mhorgoth Rising

5th Aug 2011


So, to round-off our Kings of War rumblings we can now talk about Mhorgoth Rising!

Mhorgoth Rising is our brand new starter set – two fully plastic armies of Undead and Dwarfs, a 56-page full colour 2nd edition Kings of War Rulebook including nearly 100 new units, 3 new army lists, updates to the 5 existing army lists and special characters for each race.

The contents of the box have been designed to be game legal and balanced, and an introductory scenario is included for beginners to get started with. The set also makes a great addition to your existing armies, as you can use the figures to add additional ranks to your units – particularly if you swap with someone else who has got a copy!

Pictures speak louder than words – so check it out!



The First Blood scenario lets you get started playing Kings of War

with the contents of the box

The new game is out on the 26th September and, alongside all the new Orcs, is now available to pre-order.

Check back on Monday when big armies are about to get a whole lot bigger as we start our Mega-Miniatures-Marathon – don’t miss it!